Steering Committee

The Steering Committee, appointed by the president of the NAE, provides general guidance on all aspects of the project including the development of instruments, the synthesis of results, and workshop organization.

Arden Bement, Jr., Chair
Director Emeritus, Global Policy Research Institute, Purdue University,
Former Director, National Science Foundation (NSF), and
Former Director, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Member, National Academy of Engineering (NAE)

John Seely Brown
Independent Co-Chairman, Deloitte’s Center for the Edge
Visiting Scholar, University of Southern California
Former Chief Scientist, Xerox Corporation & Director, Palto Alto Research Center (PARC)
Krisztina “Z” Holly
Entrepreneur, engineer, and troublemaker
Former Vice Provost for Innovation at University of Southern California
Founding exec director of MIT Deshpande Center
Creator of first TEDx

Jared Cohon
Jared Cohon
President Emeritus &
University Professor in the Departments of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Engineering and Public Policy,
Carnegie Mellon University
Member, National Academy of Engineering (NAE)
Lydia Villa-Komaroff
Chief Scientific Officer
Cytonome/ST, LLC
Boston, MA

Nicholas Donofrio
Senior Fellow, Kauffman Foundation
Former Executive Vice President of Innovation and Technology, IBM
Member, National Academy of Engineering (NAE)
Gail Naughton
Chairman and CEO
Histogen, Inc.
San Diego, CA

James Duderstadt
President Emeritus &
University Professor of Science and Engineering
University of Michigan
Member, National Academy of Engineering (NAE)

C Dan Mote Jr.
C. Daniel Mote, Jr. Past member of the committee,
President of the National Academy of Engineering
President Emeritus &
Glenn R. Martin Institute Professor of Engineering
University of Maryland
Member, National Academy of Engineering (NAE)

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